Veteran Services

Did you know (Veteran Administration) cover cranial hair prosthesis wig

1. Request a consult from your primary care doctor within the VA hospital for
a prosthesis wig due to your hair loss condition.

2. Call us for a free private consultation, choose a hair style you want by
sending us a photo or come to our salon for a personal consultation.
Choose your hair color, texture and length ranging 6-22inches. We will
prepare the invoice for the prosthetic department at the VA to cover 100%
of the cost and begin the ordering process.

3. Call or visit the prosthetics department within the VA hospital with your
consult from your primary doctor and inform them of your consultation
with us.

Give them your consultant phone number at Bonds Hair (804)839-7421

4. Your cranial hair prostheses will be ready in 5-10 business days.